Monday, April 15, 2013

Helping hands not only with health.

Today I am not writing about being healthy specifically, but rather helping a friend in need. Yesterday my friend and her family lost everything in a fire. Thankfully they are all safe and were not at home when the incident happened. They lost their dog but on a positive note they have each other and their health. Think about this for a moment. If you were to lose everything, would YOU like help from someone? ANYONE? Let me encourage you to not only take care of your health but someone else in need, right here in our own back yards. If you know of a person or family who has gone through a devastating time how can you help? Pray for them of course! But what about the smallest of things? A coupon for a restaurant? A few dollars for them to buy what they need, which can go a long way when shopping at the Dollar Tree. Can you go through your pantry and see if you personally can give what you have and restock yourself later? Helping others also makes us feel good, so do what you can for someone when they are faced with such struggles. A little bit really does go a long way. 

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