Young Living Essential Oils

Why would I choose Young Living?
That my friend is a great question! Young Living has a standard which surpasses all other essential oil companies out there! Check out their Seed to Seal procedure at so much great information about their purity standards!

What's my story?!
Glad you asked!
It certainly wasn't an overnight viola situation here by any means! I had been seeing a young lady for medical reflexology and she kept raving about these oils and how beneficial they are to a person. At the time, my daughter was struggling with anxiety and since I had no clue about that and thought she was off her rocker, I listened to Alexis. After several exchanged communications and advise she recommended some oils for their calming ability. I bought 1 oil, then another to support my immune system and then another! Those 3 oils were half the cost of an entire kit! I finally convinced my husband to allow me to purchase a starter kit because obviously I was going to use the oils.

Fast forward a few months and my husband was awarded another position at his place of employment and had to go away for training, but he was to let me know when they were on their way back, he went with 3 others, however, he did not. I could not reach him for 4 hours and this was emotionally devastating to me and I had an appointment to keep but was having difficulty composing myself to even leave the house. Finally, I remembered my oils and 1 in particular which I loved the smell of! I grabbed it and through tears, prayers and inhalation of this oil I was able to put myself together and keep my appointment. THAT was my AH-HA moment! I KNEW from experience not just other people telling me how great these oils were but I know understood how great these oils ARE!

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