Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Mr. Marathon, Clarence DeMar, lived to run! He entered the Boston marathon 34 times, winning 7 and finishing in the top 10-15 the other 27 times.
He ran over 1,000 ling distance races, worked nights as a proofreader, operated a small fan, taught at a reformatory for boys and still found time to keep in top condition for his cross-country races.
He ran his last race when he was 69 and died a year later from cancer however he worked up to 2 weeks before he died.
An autopsy was performed and what was found was amazing! The condition of his coronary arteries were 2-3 times their normal size. Some sedentary individuals not only have small arteries, but they also are clogged with debris reducing the opening even more. - Frederick C. Hatfield, PhD
What have you done for your heart lately?

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