Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Important Health information

When you need to find important information regarding your health a good place to start is with Natural Health 365. Things such as Zinc deficiency and coffee lowering depression are found here. I find this greatly helpful. However, remember to additional research because not ALL things published are true, such as the effects of gluten on those without Celiac disease. Gluten is highly debatable because the mind believes what the mind receives, good or bad.
I do my best to provide only truth to help you. In an attempt to be as healthy as possible I will share what I learn.

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YOUR health matters

Being healthy does not have to be boring. YOU make it fun because you are allowing yourself to live longer for your spouse, children, grandchildren, parents and siblings. Be creative with your life. Try new things. Experience the world around you. Take in the fresh air by going for a walk, or natural nature by taking a hike. Enjoy life!