Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Planet Fitness or LA Fitness?

Good morning! I don't know about you but I already got a great workout in this morning at Planet Fitness! Why Planet Fitness and not LA Fitness? Well, quite honestly, there is not a gym out there which I can say I love 100% and that they have EVERYTHING I need or want. However, allow me to compare these 2 gyms. I had a week trial membership at LA Fitness and at first, I really didn't like it. It looked confusing to me, disorganized in a way. Planet Fitness is not. They are very organized and that fits me well. LA Fitness has a pool, hot tub, steam room, basketball court, racquetball court, aerobic room, Zumba and Spin classes, Planet Fitness does not. Planet Fitness has tanning booths and massage chairs, LA Fitness does not. LA Fitness closes at midnight and Planet Fitness is open 24 hours. LA Fitness is $30/mo and you can refer someone to a week trial membership. Planet Fitness is $10/month OR $20/mo with unlimited tanning and massage chair AND you can take a guest with you every day you go if you so desire. Planet Fitness is a no judgment workout facility. LA Fitness does not have that type of policy. Planet Fitness has a little 30 minute workout area for those of you who do not know what to do when you go to a gym or, for those of you who want a full body workout in a short amount of time. You decide. What are you looking for in a gym membership?

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