Monday, February 22, 2016

I know you struggle, I DO TOO!

Yes, I certainly know the feeling of getting motivated to do something good for myself! Being a trainer does not mean I am immune to the struggle. As Shaun T says in Insanity, "DIG DEEPER" I am digging for the motivation within myself which I easily possess to motivate others. So what is it that we can cling to in order to "get up and go"? Everyone must answer that for themselves because everyone is different. You know what makes you tick, what makes you laugh and smile, what brings you joy. My joy is seeing my clients surpass their own expectations of themselves. My joy is on the dance floor with my husband. My joy is in spending time with my children. My joy is in boxing. My joy is in the little things. But most importantly, MY JOY IS IN CHRIST! Joy, sadness, love, anger and hate are all feelings that if we are not careful, can and will control us. We have to choose to be happy, be joyful, be thankful in ALL things and know that it IS possible if you have Christ living in you because in the Bible it tells us "I can do ALL things through Christ, who strengtheneth me" Phillippians 4:13. So won't you join me, not in the feeling of motivation but in the doing of what is necessary in order to be able to do all the things you find joy in?!  I know you struggle, I DO TOO!
It's Possible, by Les Brown

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