Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Olive Oil

Did you know it's not uncommon for LEADING olive oil companies to put sunflower oil or cotton seed oil in with your olive oil. These BAD omega-6 fights INCREASE inflammation and lead to joint pain and weight gain. 

Here's an alternative from Jimmy Smith  ( via

Who's Shimbo? Shimbo  was born from Italian immigrant parents and grew up understanding the value of FRESH foods from their garden. 

One of those fresh foods was olive oil and he vividly remembers his mother (my great grandmother) putting a big bottle of fresh olive oil on the table for them to eat EVERY meal. 

Years later, as a solider in World War II, he was stationed in Italy where he got reacquainted with fresh olive oil and I (Jimmy Smith) grew up with him telling me stories about how delicious the olive oil was there.

That's why I decided to start Shimbo's olive oil in his name. I've found a small USDA ORGANIC certified farm that produces 100% extra virgin olive oil just like Shimbo remembers

And I'd love to share my families tradition with you today.

What are the benefits of 100% organic EXTRA virgin olive oil?

-Reduced inflammation
-High source of healthy fat
-Potentially lower risk of certain diseases like heart disease and certain cancers
-Lower blood pressure and cholesterol.n.

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