Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Fun workout but serious problem!

My afternoon workout with my cousin today was full of laughs however, not for a good reason. Today we did Kenpo, from the p90x workout program which started out well because we were stretching and preparing for some heart pumping action. Half way through she says, "OK! I ate a doughnut before coming over here and that's why I'm having a hard time."  Then came, "Oh my word! I cannot believe how much that doughnut is affecting my workout!"  More comments like those came throughout our exercise routine and we laughed continually. On a serious note here, when trying to be healthy, we cannot just eat whatever we want because we are going to workout later. You are what you eat", have you heard that before? Well it IS true because 90% of what we eat is what makes us look the way we do. The rest comes from our physical activity. Tonight's advice........skip the doughnut and have an apple! :) 

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